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The world of football has always been known for its passionate fans and iconic chants. One such chant that has captured the hearts of fans and transcended the boundaries of fiction is the Roy Kent chant. Originating from the hit TV show Ted Lasso, this catchy and humorous chant has rapidly gained popularity both on and off the screen.

In this article we will explore the origins of the Roy Kent chant, its impact on football culture, and its potential influence on future fan behavior.

The Roy Kent Chant

The lyrics to the Roy Kent chant are: “Roy Kent, he’s here, he’s there, he’s every f***ing where, Roy Kent!” The simplicity and catchy tune of the chant have made it popular among fans and contributed to its widespread adoption in football culture.

The Origin of the Roy Kent Chant

Ted Lasso TV Show

The Roy Kent chant has its origins in the popular TV show, Ted Lasso. The show, which first aired in 2020, follows an American football coach, Ted Lasso, as he tries to navigate the world of English Premier League soccer. The series gained a large following, and its unique characters have made an impact on real-life football culture.

Roy Kent’s Character

One of the standout characters in the show is Roy Kent, played by actor Brett Goldstein. Roy is a grizzled, veteran footballer who becomes a key player and leader on the team. His character’s journey throughout the series resonated with fans, and it wasn’t long before they found a unique way to pay tribute to him.

The Chant’s Cultural Impact

Football Fans

The Roy Kent chant quickly spread among football fans, both on and off the screen. It has become a staple at matches, with fans using it to express their appreciation for a player’s efforts on the field. The chant has even crossed over to other sports, with fans adopting it to show support for their favorite athletes.

Social Media

The chant’s catchy tune and humorous nature have made it a viral sensation on social media platforms. Videos of fans performing the chant in various settings, from football stadiums to pubs, have garnered millions of views and shares.


The Roy Kent chant has also been embraced by celebrities, with many taking to social media to share their renditions of the catchy tune. This has further fueled the chant’s popularity and solidified its place in popular culture.

The Anatomy of the Roy Kent Chant


The chant’s lyrics are simple, consisting of the phrase “Roy Kent, he’s here, he’s there, he’s every-f***ing-where, Roy Kent!” This repetition makes it easy for fans to learn and join in on the fun.


The rhythm of the Roy Kent chant is reminiscent of traditional football chants, with a steady, driving beat that is perfect for clapping and stomping along. This familiarity makes it appealing to fans and helps it fit seamlessly into the football atmosphere.

The Roy Kent Chant in Real-Life Football

Adoption by Fans

The Roy Kent chant has transcended its fictional roots and has become a real-life phenomenon in football stadiums around the world. Fans have embraced the chant as a way to show support for their favorite players, often adapting the lyrics to fit the name of the athlete they are cheering for.

Real-life football players have taken notice of the Roy Kent chant, with some even embracing it as their own. Players have been seen reacting to the chant during matches, either with a smile or by acknowledging the fans. This connection between fans and players further cements the chant’s place in football culture.

The Future of the Roy Kent Chant


As the Ted Lasso series continues to gain more fans and the Roy Kent chant spreads across social media and sports events, it’s likely that its popularity will only grow. The chant has already become a cultural phenomenon, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Potential Influence on Football Culture

The Roy Kent chant’s widespread adoption and its impact on real-life football culture could potentially influence future chants and fan behavior. The chant’s humor and catchy tune make it appealing to a wide audience, and it may inspire other creative and entertaining chants that bring fans together and foster a sense of community.


The Roy Kent chant, originating from the popular TV show Ted Lasso, has become a cultural phenomenon within football and beyond. Its catchy tune, humorous lyrics, and the character’s journey have resonated with fans, propelling the chant from a fictional creation to a real-life staple in stadiums across the world. As the chant’s popularity continues to grow, its impact on football culture may inspire new ways for fans to engage with their favorite players and teams.

Roy Kent Chant Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the Roy Kent chant?

The Roy Kent chant originated from the TV show Ted Lasso, with the character Roy Kent being portrayed by actor Brett Goldstein.

What are the lyrics of the Roy Kent chant?

The lyrics are: “Roy Kent, he’s here, he’s there, he’s every f***ing where, Roy Kent!”

How has the Roy Kent chant impacted football culture?

The chant has become a real-life phenomenon, being adopted by football fans at matches to show support for their favorite players, and has even spread to other sports.

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