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Sarah Greenfield


With a passion for the ethereal resonance of chants, Sarah is an enchanting author, musicologist, and sacred music practitioner. Having traveled to the deepest corners of the world, Sarah has spent the last two decades exploring and studying various forms of chanting from diverse cultures, including the Gregorian chants of Western Europe, the Buddhist Dharanis of East Asia, the Shamanic chants of Indigenous tribes, and the Bhajans of India.

An alumnus of Juilliard School, Sarah’s unique combination of technical knowledge, spiritual insight, and deep respect for the tradition makes her writing on chants not only informative but truly immersive. She uses her innate curiosity, depth of knowledge, and eloquence to breathe life into the ancient tradition of chanting and make it accessible for today’s readers. She firmly believes in the healing power of chants and seeks to share this gift with the world through her words.

James McCallister


James is a sonic adventurer and chant connoisseur who has dedicated his life to unraveling the mystery of human voice and its spiritual implications. He is a professional choir director, vocal coach, and author known for his captivating narratives about the world of chants.

James holds a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from the University of Oxford, where he wrote his groundbreaking thesis on the impact of chants on human consciousness. A fervent advocate of mindful living, he has practiced and studied various forms of meditative chant, including Vedic, Tibetan, and Sufi traditions.

Equally comfortable in a bustling city or a secluded hermitage, James possesses the rare ability to tune into the harmonics of the universe and distill this wisdom into his writings. He inspires readers to explore the inner soundscapes of their minds through chanting and create a harmonious rhythm in their lives. With his deeply evocative and empathetic writing style, he aims to unveil the profound connection between the human voice and the divine.


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