Darts Chants

Darts chants are an electrifying and spirited element of the captivating world of professional darts. These catchy phrases, rhythmic tunes, and amusing expressions ignite a sense of camaraderie and energy among darts enthusiasts. As players take to the stage, darts chants reverberate through the arena, creating an infectious atmosphere that’s difficult to resist. Rooted in the heart of British pub culture, darts chants have transcended borders, permeating the global darts community and fostering a sense of unity among fans.

In this exploration of darts chants, we’ll delve into their origins, examine their impact on the game, and share a variety of popular chants that will have you cheering along with the crowd in no time. So, grab your arrows and get ready to immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of darts chants!

The Origins of Darts Chants

British Pub Culture and Darts

The game of darts has its roots in British pub culture, dating back to the early 20th century. Pubs across the UK have long been the ideal setting for friendly games of darts, where players and spectators alike come together to enjoy a pint, a laugh, and some friendly competition.

The Birth of Darts Chants

As the popularity of darts grew, so too did the tradition of darts chants. With the rise of professional darts competitions, fans began to create and share their own chants to support their favorite players, or just to inject some humor into the proceedings. These chants are often catchy, easy to remember, and designed to get the crowd involved.

  1. “Stand up if you love the darts!”
  2. “There’s only one Phil Taylor!”
  3. “Mighty Mike, Mighty Mike!” (for Michael van Gerwen)
  4. “Flying Scotsman!” (for Gary Anderson)
  5. “Barney Army!” (for Raymond van Barneveld)
  6. “You only sing when you’re winning!”
  7. “You’re just a fat Michael van Gerwen!”
  8. “There’s only one Eric Bristow!”
  9. “Super, super Rob!” (for Rob Cross)
  10. “Walk on, walk on, with darts in your hand!” (a play on “You’ll Never Walk Alone”)
  11. “Oh, Adrian Lewis!” (to the tune of “Seven Nation Army”)
  12. “He’s got the whole world in his hands!” (for any player on a winning streak)
  13. “Darts Wonderland” (to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”)
  14. “Hey baby, ooh, ah, I wanna know if you’ll be my dart!” (to the tune of “Hey Baby” by DJ Otzi)
  15. “Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies?” (for a larger player)
  16. “Two hundred and eiiiiighty!” (to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain”)
  17. “He’s one of our own, he’s one of our own, [Player’s name], he’s one of our own!” (for a local player)
  18. “We’ve got the best league in the land!” (for Premier League Darts)
  19. “Darts on fire, your defense is terrified!” (to the tune of “Freed from Desire” by Gala)
  20. “Who’s the man? Who’s the man? [Player’s name], he’s the man!” (for any player performing well)
  1. “He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, [Player’s name], he scores when he wants!” (for a high-scoring player)
  2. “He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere, [Player’s name], [Player’s name]!” (for a versatile player)
  3. “We love you [Player’s name], we do, oh [Player’s name], we love you!” (for a fan-favorite player)
  4. “He’s got a dart, he’s got a dart, he’s got a dart and he knows how to use it!” (to the tune of “She’s Got a Ticket to Ride” by The Beatles)
  5. “Here we go, here we go, here we go!” (a classic sports chant)
  6. “We are the champions, my friend!” (for a championship-winning player, to the tune of “We Are the Champions” by Queen)
  7. “The Power, The Power, The Power!” (for Phil “The Power” Taylor)
  8. “You’re not singing anymore!” (to tease the opposing fans)
  9. “Olé, olé, olé, olé, [Player’s name], [Player’s name]!” (a popular chant for many sports)
  10. “Can you hear [Opposing player’s name] sing? No, no!” (to taunt the opponent’s fans)
  11. “He’s magic, you know, [Player’s name], he’s got the show!” (for a player with exceptional skills)
  12. “Oh when the darts go marching in!” (to the tune of “When the Saints Go Marching In”)
  13. “He’s our number one, he’s our number one, [Player’s name], he’s our number one!” (for a top-ranked player)
  14. “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!” (to bid farewell to a losing opponent)
  15. “We’ve got the best fans in the land!” (to praise fellow supporters)
  16. “180, 180, 180!” (to celebrate a maximum score)
  17. “He’s fast, he’s quick, his darts are like a lightning flick, [Player’s name]!” (for a player with rapid throws)
  18. “Can we play you every week?” (to tease an easy opponent)
  19. “We’re gonna win the league!” (to express optimism for a team or player’s success)
  20. “There’s only one [Player’s name], one [Player’s name], walking along, singing a song, walking in a [Player’s name] wonderland!” (for a popular player, to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”)

Legendary Chants

Some darts chants have become so iconic that they are instantly recognizable to fans of the sport. Chants like “There’s only one Phil Taylor!” and “Stand up if you love the darts!” are legendary, having been repeated countless times at darts events across the globe.

Funny and Creative Chants

Darts fans are known for their creativity and wit when it comes to devising new chants. Some of these chants are downright hilarious, poking fun at players, referees, or even other fans. Examples of these include “You only sing when you’re winning!” and “You’re just a fat Michael van Gerwen!”

The Impact of Darts Chants on the Game

Energizing the Players

Darts chants can have a significant impact on the players themselves. A well-timed chant can give a player that extra bit of motivation, helping them to focus and perform at their best. Many players credit the support of their fans and the energy of the chants as a crucial factor in their success.

One of the most important aspects of darts chants is the lively atmosphere they help create. The excitement and camaraderie generated by these chants contribute to the overall experience, both for players and spectators. A darts event with a vibrant and engaged crowd is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

The Art of Creating a Darts Chant

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration for darts chants can come from anywhere – pop culture, current events, or even inside jokes among fans. The key is to find a catchy phrase or idea that resonates with the crowd and encourages participation.

Making It Memorable

For a darts chant to be successful, it needs to be memorable. This usually means keeping it simple, with a strong rhythm and easily repeated words or phrases. The best chants are those that can be picked up quickly by the crowd and belted out with enthusiasm.

Ensuring Crowd Participation

The ultimate goal of a darts chant is to get the crowd involved. To achieve this, the chant should be easy to understand, fun to join in on, and relevant to the game at hand. The more fans that join in, the better the atmosphere and the more memorable the event.

Famous Darts Players and Their Chants

Many of the top darts players have their own signature chants that fans use to show their support. For example, fans of Michael van Gerwen often chant “Mighty Mike, Mighty Mike!”, while fans of Gary Anderson might shout “Flying Scotsman!” These personalized chants help to create a connection between the player and their fans, and often become an integral part of the player’s identity.

Darts Chants in Different Countries

While darts chants are most closely associated with the UK, they have also found their way into the darts culture of other countries. Fans in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and even the United States have embraced the tradition, creating their own unique chants in their native languages. This global embrace of darts chants is a testament to the universal appeal of the game and its ability to bring people together.

The Future of Darts Chants

As darts continues to grow in popularity around the world, it’s likely that the tradition of darts chants will continue to evolve. New chants will be created, old ones will be adapted, and the culture surrounding the game will continue to flourish. It’s an exciting time to be a darts fan, as the community comes together to celebrate the sport they love through the power of chants.

Darts Chants Etiquette

While darts chants are all about having fun and engaging with the game, it’s important to remember that there is a certain level of etiquette involved. Chants should be respectful, avoiding offensive or derogatory language. Additionally, fans should be mindful of when to start or stop a chant – for example, not interrupting a player’s throw or disrupting the flow of the game.


Darts chants are a unique and integral part of the darts experience. They help create an electric atmosphere, energize players, and unite fans from around the world. As the game of darts continues to grow in popularity, so too will the rich tradition of darts chants. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the sport, joining in on a darts chant is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of darts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do darts chants impact the game?

Darts chants can energize players, create a lively atmosphere, and help to build a sense of camaraderie among fans.

What are darts chants?

Darts chants are catchy phrases or songs that fans use to show their support for players, inject humor into the game, or create a lively atmosphere at darts events.

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