Dragon Tales Chants

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Dragon Tales Chant would play over the opening credits and was used to get viewers excited and ready for the adventures that were about to unfold. The upbeat and positive lyrics set the tone for the show and helped to create a fun and magical atmosphere.

The chant has become an iconic part of the “Dragon Tales” brand and is still remembered by many fans of the show, who still sing it today

Dragon Tales Chant

Dragon Tales Chant

“Dragon Tales, adventures so real,

Fly with us on wings that feel.

Where dragons live and magic begins,

Come along now, join in the fun!

Dragon Tales, we’ll take to the sky,

Together we’ll soar, and never say die.”

Dragon Tales Chant Video

What is Dragon Tales?

Dragon Tales is a popular children’s television show that aired from 1999 to 2005. The show is set in a magical world where the main characters, Emmy and Max, visit the land of dragons through a dragon scale that takes them to the dragon world. In this world, they go on adventures and make new friends with the dragons and other creatures. The show emphasizes the values of friendship, teamwork, and problem-solving, and its colorful animation, lovable characters, and catchy music have made it a favorite among young viewers.

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