Big Bash League Cricket Chants

Known for its high octane matches and vibrant crowd participation, the BBL is not just a showcase of top-tier cricket talent but also a celebration of the sport’s culture and community spirit.

A significant aspect of this spirited atmosphere is the array of cricket chants that echo through the stadiums, uniting fans and players alike.

In this article, we delve into everything you need to know about BBL cricket chants.

Introduction to Big Bash League

The Big Bash League (BBL), Australia’s premier Twenty20 cricket league, has transformed the landscape of cricket in the country and garnered global attention since its inception. Launched in 2011 by Cricket Australia, the BBL replaced the previous competition, the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash, and has since evolved into one of the world’s leading T20 leagues.

Foundational Aspects:

  • Format and Structure: The BBL features eight city-based franchises, each boasting a mix of local and international cricketing stars. The league follows a round-robin format, culminating in knockout rounds and an exciting final.
  • Season and Timing: Typically held during the Australian summer, from December to February, the BBL aligns perfectly with school holidays, drawing families and younger audiences to the games.

Sydney Sixers

  • The Magenta Roar
    • Origin: Named after the team’s vibrant magenta color.
    • Chant: “Magenta! Magenta! Sixers all the way!”
    • Usage: Fans chant to energize the players, especially when the team hits sixes or takes wickets.
  • Sixers Strike
    • Chant: “Sixers Strike, Magenta Might!”
    • Lyrics: “In the field or with the bat, Sixers strike and that’s a fact! Go, Sixers, go, in magenta might, we’re the team to beat tonight!”
  • Sixers Soar
  • Chant: “Sixers Soar, Hear the Roar!”
  • Lyrics: “In magenta, we unite, soaring high, with all our might! Sydney Sixers, hear the roar, in the game, we’re never a bore!”

Perth Scorchers

  1. The Furnace Shout
    • Origin: Reflecting the team’s name and their home ground, known as ‘The Furnace’.
    • Chant: “Turn up the heat, Scorchers on fire!”
    • Usage: Used to boost the team’s morale, particularly in crucial overs.
  2. Scorchers Blaze, Set the Pace!
    • Chant: “Scorchers Blaze, Set the Pace!”
    • Lyrics: “Scorchers blaze, we’re in the race, setting the pace, no one can replace! Perth’s pride, wide and far, Scorchers stars, that’s what we are!”

Melbourne Stars

  1. The Green Galaxy
    • Origin: Represents the team’s green color and star-studded lineup.
    • Chant: “Shine bright, Stars! Shine bright!”
    • Usage: Sung to celebrate star performances from the team’s key players.
  2. Stars Shine Bright
    • Chant: “Stars Shine Bright, Green and White!”
    • Lyrics: “Stars in green, on the scene, shining bright, an incredible sight! Melbourne’s might, in green and white, we play, we fight, we take flight!”

Brisbane Heat

  1. Heat Wave
    • Origin: Symbolizes the team’s energetic and dynamic style of play.
    • Chant: “Feel the Heat, Brisbane’s beat!”
    • Usage: Chanted to build up momentum, especially during high-pressure situations.
  2. Heat’s On
    • Chant: “Heat’s On, Never Gone!”
    • Lyrics: “Feel the beat, it’s Brisbane Heat, the heat’s on, never gone! In the sun, we’re number one, playing hard till the game is won!”

Adelaide Strikers

  1. Striker Roar
    • Chant: “Strikers’ Roar, Hear Us Soar!”
    • Lyrics: “Adelaide Strikers, hear our roar, with every run, we soar more! Blue and bright, into the night, Strikers’ might is our guiding light!”
  2. Strike Hard
    • Chant: “Strike Hard, Win Big!”
    • Lyrics: “Strikers strike, with all their might, in the day and in the night! Strike hard, win big, Adelaide’s game, that’s our gig!”

Hobart Hurricanes

  1. Hobart Hurricanes
    • Chant: “Hurricane Force, Unstoppable Course!”
    • Lyrics: “Hurricanes whirl, in a twirl, an unstoppable force, we unfurl! Hobart’s heart, playing our part, in the game, we’re always smart!”
  2. Hurricane Heroes
    • Chant: “Hurricane Heroes, Fear Zero!”
    • Lyrics: “In purple and red, we forge ahead, Hurricane heroes, we’re not led! Fear zero, we’re the hero, Hobart’s pride, our cricketing credo!”

Melbourne Renegades

  1. Melbourne Renegades
    • Chant: “Renegades Rage, Masters of the Stage!”
    • Lyrics: “Renegades, in red and black, we attack, no looking back! On the stage, we engage, with Renegades’ rage, we turn the page!”
  2. Melbourne Rage
    • Chant: “Renegade Rage, Take the Stage!”
    • Lyrics: “Renegades in red, we forge ahead, with our rage, we take the stage! In the fight, with all our might, Melbourne’s red, our guiding light!”

Sydney Thunder

  1. Sydney Thunder
    • Chant: “Thunder’s Might, Green and Light!”
    • Lyrics: “Thunder’s might, in green and light, we fight with all our sight! Sydney’s sound, we’re renowned, in the ground, victory’s found!”
  2. Thunder Strike
    • Chant: “Thunder Strike, Light up the Night!”
    • Lyrics: “In green and black, we attack, Thunder’s strike, there’s no lack! Light up the night, with our fight, Sydney’s Thunder, a spectacular sight!”

General Chants for Excitement

  1. “The BBL Beat”
    • Chant: “B-B-L! Cricket’s thrill!”
    • Usage: A chant that unifies all BBL fans, regardless of team loyalty, celebrating the excitement of the league.
  2. “Cricket Carnival”
    • Chant: “Sixes, fours, cricket scores!”
    • Usage: Often heard during high-scoring games, emphasizing the festive, high-energy atmosphere of BBL matches.
  3. “The Thunderous Applause”
    • Chant: “Clap, cheer, cricket’s here!”
    • Usage: A simple yet powerful chant used during game openings or after exceptional plays, echoing the enthusiasm of the crowd.


What makes Big Bash League (BBL) cricket chants unique?

BBL chants are known for their catchy rhythms, team-specific themes, and the way they encapsulate the vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere of the league. They often incorporate elements unique to Australian culture and are designed to be inclusive, encouraging participation from all fans, regardless of age or cricketing knowledge.

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