Classroom Chants

Classroom chants are short, rhythmic phrases or slogans that the teacher initiates and students repeat together in unison.

They are often used as a way to right disruption, encourage positive behavior, promote a sense of community, and help students stay focused and engaged in their learning.

Classroom Chants

Classroom Chants

Classroom chants can be a fun and effective tool for classroom and student management, but it’s important to use them in a way that is appropriate for your students’ age and developmental level.

Call Backs


Teacher: Zip, Zip, ZAP!

Students: We’re all that!


Teacher: Are you ready kids

Students: Aye, Aye, Captain

Macaroni FREEZE

Teacher: Macaroni and cheese

Students: Everybody FREEZE

Zip It

Teacher: Zip it, lock it!

Students: Put it in your pocket.

Hocus Pocus

Teacher: Hocus Pocus

Student: Everybody Focus


Teacher: Hands on Top!

Students: Everbody STOP!

Yakety Tak

Teacher: Yakety Tak

Students: Don’t talk back!


Teacher: Hakuna

Students: Matata!


We are Ready

Unison: We are ready, we are steady, we are focused and we are strong. We will learn and we will grow, we will do our best all day long.

Learning is fun

Unison: Learning is fun, learning is cool. We are the best class in the school

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